Born 1976, Japan
Traveled to England at age 18
Studied at the University of the Arts London (Chelsea College of Art and Design)
Joined Hachiya Corporation upon returning to Japan
Became Chief Designer in 2006
Became Managing Director in 2008

Kawai has been attending fabric and product exhibits in Europe since his middle school days,
and has developed designs with numerous manufacturers.
In the same way that flowers are carefully arranged in the art of ikebana, he has spent 20 years crafting Think Bee! originals, >using materials from all around the world.
The items that Kawai creates from original materials and the proper combination of parts
are multifaceted in style and independent of age, season, or trend.
Similar to the way a painter draws on canvas, he puts the values of Think Bee! into real pieces of art with a story behind them.

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